Why are we different?



We always strive to work with our clients in a collaborative way, closely analyzing and advising on their recruitment needs before proactively going out and finding people specifically with the skills to match the role. Recruiting anyone is a lesson in compromise and our dual expertise of market sector & recruitment craft means we are well placed to help you find the key people required to achieve your business objectives.

The elite professionals and the top performing, successful people you want to drive your business forward rarely use Recruitment Agencies, reply to job advertisements or publish their resumes – and yet they are often ready for the next career challenge.

With our inside knowledge, expertise and an unsurpassed network of contacts in niche market sectors, our proactive search service gives our clients a better chance of finding and recruiting the best people working in their sector.


Our service is different from typical recruitment agencies because we are entirely “client focused”, rather than helping job-seekers. Our starting point is always “what is the client requirements”, rather than trying to fit a “square peg in a round hole” by pushing unsuitable candidates that our “on our books”. Our model is simple. We concentrate on what the exact client requirements are, then go to market and pro-actively source top quality people to what our client requires.

The strength of our network of contacts allows us to connect with the most talented professionals in each market, helping you to employ professionally qualified, highly skilled and motivated staff.

We are a results driven company with the statistics to back up our performance. Our success rate for placing candidates after fewer than three first interviews is over 81%.


If you are finding that traditional “reactive” recruitment methods such as Recruitment Agencies, Resume Websites & Advertising aren’t able to give you what you want, talk to us today 

Recruit Right

We pride ourselves on finding the “hidden elite”, the candidate that will best fit your company culture and help you hire right the first time. These are the top quality people you need to drive your business forward and we can find them for you.

We have access to the best people everyone would like to have on their team. This “hidden elite” of brilliant professionals who are not actively looking for a new role but could be the perfect fit for your organization.

When you have an important vacancy or senior position to fill successfully, you need to give yourself every opportunity to find the best candidate for your role.

So to recruit the top performers in your sector and get ahead of your competitors